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Myke Healy is an acclaimed wedding photography specialist based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Myke studied cinematography at Queen’s University and the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Rare among photographers, Myke brings his award-winning filmmaking talent to his photography and has been shooting weddings since 2004.

In addition to extensive web and print credits, Myke’s photographic work has been the focus of multiple exhibitions and is held in over 350 private collections worldwide.

As a certified teacher, Myke has directed educational development programs in India, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Thailand and Mongolia. Based on these experiences, Myke leads ethical photography workshops for the traveller, aid worker and overseas volunteer.

When not shooting weddings, Myke has the privilege of working at Trinity College School in Port Hope as the Director of Teaching and Learning. He has taught Law, English, Philosophy, World Religions, Filmmaking and Digital Photography.

He currently lives in the country outside of Peterborough, Ontario with his wife and two (extensively-photographed) kids.

Check out some of his previous work in the wedding gallery and his corporate event photography.

Invest in an artist…photography is forever.

MEMBER: Canon Professional Services

MEMBER: National Association of Photoshop Professionals

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